Cleveland Browns Scrimmage

On Friday my friends and I headed down to Ohio State’s campus for the Cleveland Browns Orange & Brown Scrimmage.  The weather was perfect for an evening out in Ohio Stadium! Though I was expecting more of an Ohio State Spring Game style scrimmage, the Browns was more like a practice. Despite this, it was still fun to watch and seriously put me in the mood for football season. It was a lot of fun to see a pro team in Ohio Stadium – I am hoping they continue to do this every year. Em and I Joe Haden Who else is ready for football season?! 2


Friday Favorites: Round Four

Happy Friday!! Here we go with my latest rounds of Friday favs 🙂

  1. St. Vincent’s Mixtape Delivery Service

As if I haven’t preached about my love of Apple Music enough, I’m here to tell you about my favorite part of Apple Music’s Beats One Radio – St. Vincent’s Mixtape Delivery Service. St. Vincent is an alternative artist who does a weekly hour long show on Beats One. People email in their stories – the first one I listened to was about a girl on a cross country trip with her grandmother and the most recent was about a girl who came out to her parents over the 4th of July. St. Vincent talks to each person and crafts a mixtape based around what’s going on in their life. It has the feel of a podcast with the upside of a radio show and I love it.

  1. Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer

I’ve heard good things about this concealer from blogs and YouTube gurus for what seems like years now. I finally picked it up a couple weeks ago and really like it. I’m always searching for a concealer for under-eyes that doesn’t settle and crease – so far this one doesn’t!


  1. Football Season

Too early you say? I beg to differ. My first fantasy football draft kicked off last week and the Browns are holding a scrimmage tonight at Ohio Stadium. I’m all for summer lasting as long as possible, but it’s so hard not to get excited about the fall!

  1. El Perdón

Another Apple Music discovery – this song is by Nicky Jam & Enrique Iglesias (yes, my friends, Enrique.) It’s in Spanish so I had to look up the meaning of the lyrics, but I still find myself listening to this song all the time. I love the sound and feeling of the song – it’s about asking for forgiveness. The translated chorus is: “Me without you // And you without me // Tell me who can be happy.”

  1. L’Oréal Infallible Eyeshadow

What’s better than an eyeshadow you can swipe across your eyelid with your finger and it looks beautiful all on its own? Nothing. I just got this shadow last week and I’ve worn it 4-5 times already. I bought the color Amber Rush – it provides the perfect amount of color to your lid with a bit of sparkle.

Loreal eyeshadow

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Matt the Miller

Seventh SonLast Friday Alex and I went to Matt the Miller for dinner. Though I’ve been there several times before, I hadn’t been lately.  We sat in the bar and I got a Seventh Son Humulus Nibus Super Pale Ale.  I realized that I’ve never had a Seventh Son beer before that. How that is possible I have no idea! This was a great introduction though – the beer was crisp, refreshing and smooth.

As you may know from Monday’s post, we ordered the pretzel bite appetizer. Seriously I cannot walk into a Matt the Miller and not order their pretzel bites. They’re served with a roasted garlic sauce that has a creamy ranch flavor to it and mustard sauce that I would describe as honey mustard only thinner. The bites are pretty incredible on their own, but they are to die for with these sauces on them. I could make a meal of pretzel bites alone! Luckily, they have a Happy Hour portion for $5 that was the perfect amount to split before a meal.


I went back and forth about what to order for dinner – I’ve had the delicious Ahi Tuna Flatbread, the cod sandwich, and the fish & chips – but I was really in the mood for a burger. MTM offers five different burgers and I decided on the BBQ Bacon Burger. Something about BBQ sauce and summer just makes sense, doesn’t it? This picture doesn’t do it justice at all; the burger was a million times better than my iPhone can make it look. My mouth is honestly watering as I write about it!

burgerOverall, it was another successful trip and I’m sure we’ll be back again soon.  Have you visited Matt the Miller lately?


Life Lately: Vol. 2

I’m back for another round of Life Lately – here is what I was up to in July!

Had so much fun with friends on Independence Day 🙂

IMG_4258Went to Louisville for a girl’s weekend and had an incredible time. Seriously already have a list of things to see when I go back – and it’s the perfect weekend trip because it’s such a short drive from Columbus!

LouisvilleThough as you likely already know, the biggest part of my month was my week in Myrtle Beach.  I posted about my favorite things to do and the best restaurants, below are a few bonus photos that haven’t been on the blog yet.

IMG_4340 IMG_4462 IMG_4479 IMG_4481Alex and I went to dinner at Matt the Miller this weekend – it never disappoints! Look for a post on the whole experience soon, for now I’ll just leave you with this photo. It’s of their pretzel bites, an appetizer that a ton of restaurants offer but I promise you Matt the Miller does them best.

IMG_4510Life finally slowed down for a bit this weekend and I was able to enjoy a cup of coffee each morning before heading out. It’s the small things, right?

IMG_4513I was able to take advantage of the beautiful weather we had this weekend by playing volleyball with friends and catching some sun at my apartment pool. Did anyone else almost forget how summer weather is supposed to be?



One last photo – I was scanning all my pictures from this month and came across this gem. Doesn’t this photo of Dex just perfectly explain how Mondays feel? 😛

IMG_4269Have a great day!2

Friday Favorites: Round Three

I have to admit that the first week back from vacation was a long one – but none of that matters now because it’s Friday! Without further adieu, here is round three of my Friday Favorites list:

1. Lululemon Scarf

Yes, I realize this is out of season, but I got this scarf discounted at the Lululemon outlet in Myrtle Beach and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since. Despite the fact that it was in the nineties on vacation, I found myself wrapping it around me at night as a light blanket. Here’s a video that shows 10 different ways you can wear it and there are tons of other videos out there showing even more ways.

ways to wear vinyasa scarf

2. Maybelline Line Stiletto

I’ve been making more of an effort recently to take better care of my skin, specifically my face and around my eyes. As part of that effort, I’m switching from gel eyeliner to liquid because it’s easier to apply without pulling your skin taught. I happened to have this eyeliner laying around, and I actually love it. For $4, it has great color payoff and staying power.

Maybelline Line Stiletto

3. Eyes Shut by Years & Years

I hope everyone is getting used to hearing my favorite song each week, because it’s going to a permanent fixture on this list. My favorite this week is off the newly released “Communion” album by Years & Years. I hadn’t heard of this band before Apple Music (surprise, surprise) but I’m so happy that I know of them now. This is my favorite song off the album, but the whole thing is worth a listen.


4. Essie Topless & Barefoot Nail Polish

I’ve been a fan of Essie polishes since college, but I’ve just recently started wearing polish more often. Topless & Barefoot has to be my favorite so far – it is a beautiful pinkish nude that is perfect for both summertime and looking professional at the office. Bonus: the color is light enough that you can wait a couple extra days before removing it because the chips don’t show easily 🙂

essie topless and barefoot

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Myrtle Beach: Restaurants

Alex’s family has been going to Myrtle Beach for years, so they’ve found all the best spots to eat in the process. There are two places we typically go for dinner, either Broadway at the Beach or Murrells Inlet, which is about 25 minutes from Myrtle Beach.

murrellsinlet boatDrunken Jacks – the first of the two restaurants I’ll be covering from Murrells Inlet and my favorite on this list.  Fair warning – I don’t think I’ve ever been there and waited less than a half hour for a table, and the wait is usually over an hour.  That said, it’s totally worth it. And there’s a great lounge with live music from 6-10 pm daily. Justin Mychals is the entertainer most often, and he is pretty amazing. He can play songs from today and years ago and plays country and popular music.  Justin is also so personable – whether it’s your first time at Drunken Jacks or your 100th time, he will come up and ask how your night is going, see if you have any requests, etc.

Once you get a table, you’re served fresh hush puppies with butter. Another warning, my friends, these are highly addicting. My favorite entree is the crab cakes, but I typically make a meal out of just clam chowder soup (best I’ve ever had) and way too many hush puppies!

Wahoos – Wahoos is right next to Drunken Jacks in Murrells Inlet.  They’re known for their fish, but I got the filet and it was amazing. It is served with a red wine demi glaze on top that is to die for. We also ordered some sushi while we were waiting to be seated that was delicious. I want to go back and try the Lemon Pepper Seared Tuna!

margaritaville collage

Margaritaville – Onto the restaurants of Broadway at the Beach. The first, and most popular restaurant that I’ve ever seen is Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville. One day we walked up at 2:30 pm for a table and the wait was two and a half hours. People LOVE this place, and it’s easy to see why – it’s a great family atmosphere with fun decor and an hourly hurricane that dumps margaritas into a giant blender in the middle of the restaurant. My favorite dishes there are the fish & chips and signature fish sandwich.

liberty beer boardliberty beer

Liberty Brewery and Grill – Liberty is a unique restaurant at Broadway because they also brew their own beer (and who doesn’t love that?) I tried the White Ale, which was delicious, but I wish I would’ve been more adventurous and got the Schweet Tea Wheat! There’s always next year… I ordered the fish & chips which were incredible when dipped into the accompanying spicy tartar sauce.

Amici’s – We dropped by Amici’s toward the end of our trip for lunch. I was getting a little bit sick of seafood by that time so I welcomed the Italian menu.  I ordered pepperoni pizza and loved it. I can’t really say what “authentic” pizza tastes like, but when I imagine it, it’s that pizza. The dough was perfect, the cheese was rich and delicious and the pepperonis weren’t too spicy or too sweet. Yum.

Hard Rock – Alex’s dad is probably in the top 50 Hard Rock fans in the world. Everywhere he goes that has a Hard Rock, he eats there. I love them too – the rock decor is fun and unique to each location, the music is great and I’ve never had a bad experience there. I tried the nachos for the first time on our trip and was not disappointed. It’s a massive serving of chips, cheese, pico de gallo, jalapeños and sour cream. What could be better?!

Overall, the trip was relaxing, the food was tasty, and the company was wonderful 🙂 You can’t ask for more than that!

Have you been on vacation this summer? Where is your favorite place to relax?


Myrtle Beach: Things to Do

beach-wavesHelloooo Monday – I’m back from a relaxing and sunny week in Myrtle Beach! I spent the week laying on the beach, eating great food, and spending time with my boyfriend’s family. It was a great trip! Today I’ll be sharing my favorite things to do there and Wednesday I’ll be covering the best places to eat 🙂

Broadway at the Beach  – Broadway is home to shops, restaurants, nightlife and other attractions. It’s the best combination of everything that you’ll find in Myrtle Beach. Below are a couple of my favorite attractions, but they also have a ton of unique shops that are worth seeing.

  • Ripley’s Aquarium – I wasn’t sure what to expect from the aquarium except for that really bad fishy smell they all seem to have. Instead, Ripley’s was clean, not smelly and home to some pretty incredible creatures. We saw everything from Nemo clown fish to jellyfish to giant squid to sharks – it was amazing!

Ripley's Aquarium collage

  • Hollywood Wax Museum – we visited the wax museum on our trip last year and it was really cool. There are a ton of stars that you can get pictures with, a mirror maze and a haunted attraction called Outbreak that features zombies. There is something for everyone!

Outlet Malls – there are two Tanger Outlets within a half hour of each other in Myrtle Beach. TWO. Some of my favorite shops include Kate Spade, Fossil, Lululemon and J. Crew. I could spend a several days shopping at each mall, but it’s really the perfect way to escape the weather when it’s super hot or raining.

Medieval Times – this year was also my first time at Medieval Times. Though this may be considered more of a young family activity, my twenty-something self really enjoyed it (just see below 😀 ) The stands are divided into sections for each knight competing in the “Battle of Champions.” The show consists of a full dinner (eaten without silverware, per the time period) and a show in which the knights compete in several activities culminating in a jousting tournament. The show is fun for everyone and includes some impressive acts by both the actors and the horses!


Pirates Voyage – similar to Medieval Times, Pirates Voyage offers a dinner and show. The show includes acrobatics, sea lions, tropical birds and mermaids on land and in the water.  The sea lions are adorable and the acrobatics are exciting! It’s certainly worth going to – again one of those family / younger kid things that I still think are really fun.

Here are a few other things to do in Myrtle Beach (though the list is really endless):


Friday Favorites: Round Two

Fair warning everyone – my favs this week are heavy on a vacation theme! I leave for Myrtle Beach tomorrow and it’s consuming all a lot of my thoughts 🙂

1. Weathered by Jack Garratt

I’ll start with the only thing that isn’t vacation based on this list – my favorite song this week.  It’s been playing on Beats 1 for the last couple weeks and was just released on Apple Music this week. I’ve listened to it at least 50 times since then!

2. LOFT Swimsuit

loft-swimsuit - Copy

I bought this swimsuit in April and I’ve been waiting to go on vacation to wear it. I love the nautical feel of the striped navy & white, but also that the stripes turn into solid navy so it’s really figure flattering. My swimsuit is sold out, so I linked a very similar one from LOFT – if I didn’t have mine I would probably buy this one. I’m a sucker for anything black & white and this one has polka dots! So cute.

3. Lug Yoga Bag


My boyfriend’s mom got this bag for me and I’ve used it for countless things ever since – to and from the gym, yoga class, as my carry on, on weekend trips… you get the idea. It has pockets everywhere and storage for everything from a water bottle to keys to your smelly gym shoes. It is perfect.

4. L’Oreal® Paris Voluminous Original Mascara Waterproof


This mascara is an old favorite of mine that I had forgotten about until recently. I can’t believe I ever went away from using it! It adds incredible volume to my not so impressive eyelashes and is really waterproof. Perfect for the beach or walking around in the sunshine!

5. Fossil Mini Crossbody


I picked up this crossbody at the Fossil Outlet in Myrtle Beach last year and have used it more than I ever thought I would. It’s perfect for a casual summer night out, so basically for my entire summer! I especially love it with white jeans and light blouse. I linked another bag above that is on sale and has blue and white stripes – anyone else seeing a trend here? 😉

I’ll be taking next week off of blogging to enjoy beachin’, but please follow along on:

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Have a great weekend!




LouisvilleOn Saturday I headed to Louisville with a few of my girlfriends for a quick weekend escape.  We left Columbus around 8:30 am and made it to Louisville before noon! The car ride was just long enough to feel you were getting away for the weekend,  but not so long that you wanted to punch out a car window because you just spent the last several hours in the car (am I the only one who gets that way?!)

We drove straight to Ramiro’s Cantina for lunch. The complementary chips were served fresh and warm from the oven with both spicy and mild salsa – delicious! I ordered a Coronarita to drink and the chicken fajita quesadilla for lunch.  They were both amazing. The Coronarita wasn’t too sweet; the quesadilla had great flavor from the fajita veggies and a wonderful richness from the cheese. It was the perfect start to the day!

IMG_4279Hotel check in wasn’t until 3:00 pm, so we stopped by Haymarket Whiskey Bar on East Market Street for a beer. Yes, I know I should’ve ordered whiskey but it felt way too early in the day for that! Haymarket has a very retro feel thanks to the vintage arcade games in the back of the bar and a jukebox near the front.  The walls are lined with countless beer bottles and keg taps, while behind the bar is stocked with hundreds of bottles of whiskey. It was a great chill place to grab a cold beer in the afternoon and relax at the bar, but I can imagine it getting really busy at night.

IMG_4289After a couple drinks and walking around downtown in the mid-afternoon July sun, we were ready to check into our hotel. We stayed at the Residence Inn in the heart of downtown Louisville. It was the perfect hotel – everything was very clean and we were able to book a two bedroom, two bath suite for the five of us.

Freshly showered and ready for dinner, we headed to Against the Grain Brewery & Smokehouse. Against the Grain is located in Louisville Slugger Field within a former train station, adding character to the brew house and dining room. Despite this, we decided to enjoy the perfect weather in Louisville and enjoy our dinner on the patio. I ordered a “My Hammy Weiss” beer and the pulled pork sandwich with Gouda grits. My grits were a bit thin, but the pulled pork was tender and flavorful.


After dinner we went to Molly Malone’s and O’Shea’s on Baxter Avenue to enjoy the weather and see more of the city.

Since we were only there for one night we obviously didn’t get to see everything Louisville has to offer – here are the places on my list for the next trip!

Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course

Two weekends ago my dad and I went to Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in Lexington, Ohio for the Mid-Ohio Vintage Grand Prix. While you should probably enjoy car racing at least a little to go, Mid-Ohio is a great place to visit for many reasons. It’s a quick hour drive from Columbus and the surrounding woods provide a beautiful backdrop for the course. It’s a great way to spend time outside and enjoy the scenery!

DSCN2795I don’t watch a lot of races on TV, but it was really fun to watch them in person. A general admission ticket gave us access to all of the viewing areas which included both the grandstands and the observation mounds. Throughout the day we walked to each area and enjoyed a different view of the course and each race.

DSCN2772We also strolled around the paddock areas and admired the cars. They are amazing to see up close and I have a lot of respect for the teams and drivers that race – it takes a lot of time, knowledge and effort to get a car on the track and it was very cool to see up close and personal.

DSCN2767Overall the trip to Mid-Ohio was awesome and very enlightening! I’m planning to go back at the end of July for The Honda Indy 200. What fun day trips have you taken lately?